Bladder snails are a common type of freshwater snail that can be found in aquariums and ponds. They have a distinctive bladder-like sac at the end of their shells that […]

Are Snails Poisonous?¬†Snails are fascinating creatures that come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They can be found in almost every habitat on Earth, from deserts to oceans, from mountains […]

Assassin Snails for Sale: The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Caring for These Amazing Snail-Eaters If you are looking for a natural way to control pest snails in your aquarium, […]

Trapdoor snails are freshwater snails that belong to the Viviparidae family. They are also known as Japanese trapdoor snails, Chinese mystery snails, or black snails. They have a distinctive operculum, […]

Freshwater snails are fascinating creatures that can add beauty and diversity to your aquarium or pond. They come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns, and have various adaptations […]

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